5th European Magic History Conference, Hamburg, 28 – 31 augusti

The programme for the 5th European Magic History Conference is complete.
But there are still some seats available. Here are some highlights you should not miss.

The conference takes place in the wonderful stage hall of the Museum for
Arts and Crafts. It is the mirror hall, built in 1909. The EMHC is combined with Hamburg’s 3rd Magic Nights.
. Visit to the rooms of famous Hansa Variety Theatre
. Visit to Germany’s first and only magic gallery
. Presentation of some very rare Friedländer posters from the Museum’s
. Free entry to three outstanding magic theatre shows
. Conference booklet of a limited edition, including a complete story about
Fredo Marvelli which has never been in print in the English language before
. Conference welcome bag which will contain many surprises and several
original collectors’ items.
. Grand Buffet – which is free to all conference members
. and-for the first time-the 5th European Magic History Conference says
welcome to a very special »Guest of Honour«
. The passing down of the Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Memorial Ring (former
bearers were: Ottokar Fischer, Kalanag, Punx, W. Geissler-Werry, Magic

You may register here: http://www.european-magic-history.com/Registration_files/5th-EMHC-Flyer.pdf

Wittus Witt

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3 kommentarer till 5th European Magic History Conference, Hamburg, 28 – 31 augusti

  1. Per Eklund skriver:

    Detta blir en mycket intressant konferens. Jag är redan anmäld – vem hänger på?

  2. Christina Nyman skriver:

    Per – Martin och jag har just anmält oss.

  3. Jag var på den andra kongressen i Berlin 2007. Väldigt trevligt! Kanske jag åker! Inga bra datum dock. Högsäsongen har ju börjat och barnen vill ha mat bo bordet


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