John Calvert ”“ den fantastiske!

Aug. 5th John Calvert turned 99! He bought a new Recreational vehicle for his birthday present. Now he is on his way to perform at the Mid-West Magic Convention. The end of the month he and Tammy will fly to Spain to headline a magic convention.

Oct. 16th John and Tammy will appear at the Strand Theater, Shelbyville, Indiana. The theater is presenting a “John Calvert Film Festival” the full week, he will perform in person the last night of the event.

He and Tammy are planning to tour the East Coast of the USA during the end of Oct. and Nov. for magic lectures and shows.

Plans are now being made for John’s 100th birthday Aug.5, 2011!

Tips-tack till Magic New Zealand/Jahn Gallo

“This DVD is simply a masterpiece!” Ulf Mörling

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