Sixten Beme och hans “Clean Guillotine”

Ben Harris skriver till mig: ”œBetween 1985 and 1987, Australian magician Ben Harris published a magazine called New Directions. The aim of the magazine was to encourage creative thinking by presenting clever and original performance material, and essays on theory. During this time, Sixten Beme and I had formed a friendship by mail due to his wonderful treatment of the Linking Card Plot. Sixten kindly contributed “Clean Guillotine” to New Directions # 1. It’s original method was both exciting for me to as a publisher, and for the readers of the magazine. To this day, I still consider it the BEST version of the plot, and it is an absolute pleasure to present it to a new generation of magicians.

 Sixten Beme (3)









Sixten Beme (foto Åke Hallberg),

till höger Ben Harris

Friendly Fire: The Collected Guest Contributions From New Directions Magazine contains contributions from: Jerry Andrus, Ian Baxter, Sixten Beme, Steve Dusheck, David Harkey, Harry Lorayne, Ed Marlo, Bill Nagler, Jon Racherbaumer, Richard Sanders, Jay Sankey, and more. Effects and essays are included along with many never before published photos of the contributors. Scheduled release: February, 2010. Available From:”

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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  1. Vi har rest tillsamans och haft roliga stunder. Vet någon mera Sixten och finns Inga kvar hos oss.

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