Varietee MAGICA 2010 i Helsingfors

Varietee MAGICA 2010  ges på Hotel President Theateri i Helsingfors 20 november till 18 december 2010.

The Eight Varietee MAGICA offers something for everyone, combining many performers into one amazing show. Star performers and World-renowned magicians from New York, Shanghai and Los Angeles perform extraordinary talents and awe-inspiring magic tricks that could headline top venues in world and cause jaws to drop at the end of their acts. The artist line-up is great: Nathalie Enterline, Chenying and Junlin from Duo Yingling and Master of Comedic Illusions Ed Alonzo. At Savoy Theater shows there is also mindblowing manipulation magic of Salvano Jr. from Paris. They all are talented professionals who really know how to captivate an audience.

The show is hosted and directed by Timo Kulmakko, a renowned Finnish magician with a strong track record in show business. He gained fame by producing all seven preceding Varietee MAGICA shows, all of which turned into a great successes. Mr. Kulmakko assures that this 8th Varietee MAGICA Octavus-show has been designed to top earlier ones.

Prepare to leave the real world behind as you enter the showroom. The best of the best converge into one show to amaze, thrill and provide audiences with a variety show that has quite a much to offer to each and everyone.

Varietee MAGICA Octavus-show is a wonderful showcase of illusions, incredible magic and variety acts with lots of fun to make this event a stunning theatrical and magical evening in the hands of master performers around the world. Do not miss the occasion!

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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