Sweden’s Only Museum Of Magic

Sweden’s Only Museum Of Magic

Från: Magic New Zealand (16.500 readers weekly)
Issue Number: #870
Date: Sunday 16th October 2011
Editor: Alan Watson
Message by Christina Nyman (Sweden)
President Magica Club Lëtzebuerg/Luxembourg

One man, one passion, thousands of magical artifacts. If it
wasn’t for the dedicated work of Christer Nilsson (stage name
Christer el Ricco) most of Scandinavia’s magic history would
probably have been long forgotten and wrapped in mystery.

At first sight this private museum might appear small in surface,
but that is just an illusion. A visit to “Sveriges Magi-Arkiv”,
the Swedish Magic Archive, is a fascinating experience. Mr
Nilsson knows the story behind every item in his vast collection:
Who manufactured this magic prop? How does it work?

To whom did the item belong? During which period and where did
the magician in question perform? Everything is documented and
the collection consists of magic props, books, posters, newspaper
clippings etc, etc. The amazing thing is that no magician is too
small or too big to feature in the collection. Here you can find
everything from autogram cards for local active magicians to
historical Royal Letters nominating court performers.

Christer Nilsson’s lifelong interest in magic started with a
children’s magic set and the opportunity to witness a performance
of a famous magician. In 1949 Christer started doing public shows
together with his future wife Gertrud. Christer Nilsson is a man
that over the years has earned great appreciation from laypeople,
but also numerous honorary merits from magical associations. And
he surely deserves it. Christer Nilsson promotes the art of magic
from many different angles. Some examples: Organiser of several
magic conventions, editor for the bulletin of the Swedish Magic
Circle for 23 years, author of reference books on Swedish
magicians. Since 10 years he edits and writes the most important
magic news blog in Scandinavia with several daily updates. And
yes, of course he still adds to his collection.

The collection/The Swedish Magic Archive is to be found in
Nyköping, 62 miles southwest of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
I know from personal experience that Christer and Gertrud are
delighted to show their collection to visiting magicians with a
serious interest in the art of magic. If you are visiting Sweden
drop Christer Nilsson a line – and if he is available you have a
couple of captivating hours to look forward to.

Christer Nilsson’s blog: https://magiarkivet.se/

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

Grundare av Sveriges Magiarkiv

2 reaktioner till “Sweden’s Only Museum Of Magic”

  1. Tack Christina för den trevliga artikeln. Christer är väl
    värd all uppskattning och uppmärksamhet som han kan få.
    Kanske de som styr i Nyköping småningom får upp ögonen
    för hur unikt detta trollerimuseum, Sveriges Magi-Arkiv är.

  2. Så kul att läsa om dej Christer i nyhetsbrevet från New Zealand! Det är sällan någon svensk nämns. Men du är värd all uppmärksamhet för det enorma jobb du och Gertrud lägger ner!

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