Open Letter from Wittus Witt

Dear Mr. Lever, Thank you for organizing the 25th World Championship of Magic, FISM Blackpool 2012. We had a great time, with so much wonderful magic by wonderful magicians from all over the world. The competitons, in particular, were of high caliber and made the whole convention worthwhile.

However, I do not understand why you went to such great lengths to cheapen and diminish FISM.

Your Welcome message in the programme booklet is a disgrace. It is low class, in poor taste, and downright insulting to your guests.

You had the opportunity to present three great gala shows. Instead, you gave us an endless procession of substandard, third-rate acts.

The banquet at FISM is always a memorable event. With a bit of imagination, you could have turned the banquet in that great old building into an unforgettable magical experience, but you managed to turn it into a cheap mass feeding venue.

I cannot express how disappointed I am with this FISM convention for which you are responsible. You have managed to put shame on the art of magic. This makes me very sad.

Wittus Witt Publisher and Editor of Magische Welt Germany’s independent Magic Magazine and former Comedy 1st Prize Winner, Vienna 1976

Hamburg, 17th July, 2012

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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