Stockholm Street festival 13-15th of July 2012.

Street festivals are an annually recurring event in many countries and that now includes Sweden. The debut of the Stockholm Street Festival in 2010 proved a rounding success. It is now that time again and we await with great anticipation the 2012 edition. Gathered are some of the world’s hottest street artists guaranteeing unforgettable entertainment. Enjoy the mix of magic, acrobatics, comedy and extraordinary talent. The Stockholm Street Festival is an event for the entire family so no matter what you do, don’t miss the most spectacular festival of the year. Welcome to Stockholm Street Festival 13-15th of July.

Performing artists:
Abi Collins – AUS
Alakazam – USA
Justin McGinley – AUS
Victor Rubilar – ARG
TinCanCompany – DK
Zack Segelström – SWE
Charlie Caper – SWE

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