Markku Purho´s Annual Magic Convention ” Kouvolan Taikapäivät” with the Star Performers and Lectures 4th Apr till 6th April 2015 in Kouvola Finland.

The confirmed performers/lectures at the moment: Marko Karvo & Vanessa / Finland*Germany, Juliana Chen / China*Canada, David Sousa / Portugal, Woody Aragon / Spain, Shane Cobalt / Canada, Mahdi Gilbert / Canada, Eric Jones/ Usa, One Gun /Korea and Mentalist Pete Poskiparta /Finland.

The Nordic Magic Championships will be arranged by Suomen Taikapiiri / Finnish Magic Circle during the Taikapäivät convention. If you like to compete in the Nordic Magic Championship 2015 Stage or/and Close-up categories, contact soon with the email: info@taikapaivat.fi

Website : www.taikapaivat.fi

The detailed convention schedules will soon been confirmed, you can make the registration already now.

One day congress card 40 € / 45 €

Two days congress card 75 € / 85 €

Three days congress card 100 € / 120 €

Companion card 50 € / 50 €

Make your registration before 15.3.2015 to confirm your more economical Convention Card payment  * above the left column.

Special convention price for at the convention accommodation at the Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Kouvola. Single room 70 € / night, Doubleroom 90 € / night, Extra bed 20 € / night. Gala Dinner 26 €

Please email your name, address and all your contact information, let us know  when your arriving and departure date will be with the info of your preferred Convention Card for One Day, for Two Day or the CompleteThree Day registration. We´ll send more info and the email invoice of your purchases to you.

We can also reserve accommodation for you at the convention Hotel Vaakuna Kouvola and to get the special price, notice the hotel room bookings confirmed to us must be done latest on 22th March 2015. Please, be free to ask more detailed info about the Taikapäivät Convention: info@taikapaivat.fi       http://www.taikapaivat.fi/2015/index.html

Your Are Warmly Welcomed To Finland !

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