Loves “Trick of the Week”

Jag tror att alltför många har missat att Love Melander har en serie på Youtube som han kallar “Trick of the week”. Det första lade Love ut den 23 augusti 2014, och idag har han nått till nummer 16.


Så här skriver Love: I’ve been working professionally for 30 years with entertainment, appeared in 59 countries and had fun the whole time. However, there are lots of “tricks” that you never make out in the “field”, so I thought I’d try to lay out the “Trick of the week” for as long as I have the time and patience. Nothing is perfect filmed then I do everything by yourself, there are lots of details that I think are not good, with that I bid on. These “tricks” are mainly for lay people who want to get a little Aha experience and I hope you think it’s going to be fun to follow.. Mixed bag of content gets it in all cases.

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