Trolleriutställning i Lohja, Finland

Amazing Magic Exhibition in Lohja Finland
Foto Timo Kulmakko
IMG_1276ManoD_Collection (kopio)
IMG_1297ManoD_Collection (kopio)
IMG_2955ManoD_Collection (kopio)
From upper left: Handmade magic props and Encyclopedia of White Magic, Physics, Science and Mathematics ” La Blanche Dévoilée ” written by Henry Decremps (published 1789).
Card Stand made in Austria 1890-1900´s. Old and rare Magic Boxes. Faience plate  L´Escamoteur (ca. 1850). Magic Sculptures, props and old Magic Box.
IMG_1290ManoD_Collection (kopio)
Foto Collection Mano d´Oro
Summer 2015 will be full of Magic in Lohja Museum´s Old Cowhouse. History of magic exhibition Abracadabra Lohja! Is the only one of it´s kind in Finland. Magician Mano d’Oro´s amazing collection contains more than 500 magical items from antiquity to the present day: Magic posters, Graphics, Sculptures,several Faience Plates like L´Escamoteur and Tarot Card plate from late 1800´s , Magic Boxes up to the 1700s, Wooden Magic Wand from 1850-1870´s, ”La Mouche Mystérieuse ( Mysterious Fly)” Léon Saussine´s magical play from 1880´s, which give answers and predictions, French Color Changing Fan, which change it´s color four times from 1800´s. When you enter this magnificent exhibition, you will open the gate to a wonderful cultural adventure. The exhibition is running till August 23rd 2015.
Lohja Museum`s street address is Rovastinkatu 1 Lohja, less than one hour drive from Helsinki. Museum´s opening hours are:Tue, Thu, Fri 12-16, Wed 12-19,Sat,Sun 12-16.
Tips-tack till Timo Kulmakko
Mano d´Oro aka Philippe Todaro is professional magician who moved from Belgium to Finland several years ago. His vast magic repertoire includes shows for all categories, from close-up to big illusions and he often performs together with his Finnish wife Merja Todaro. This lovely and friendly couple has during past 2-3 years beside their performings build the wonderful, stylish and very impressive Magic Exhibition, which is still very unknown even to Finnish magicians. It is very unique and absolutely worth to see in live.

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