University Course for Magicians 2015

Message by Tom Stone in Magic New Zealand® – Issue Number: #1186

A university course for experienced magicians will be given this summer
in Stockholm, Sweden. Three weeks fulltime, June 8-30. Like any other university course, is free of charge for EU citizens. Non-EU citizens are also welcome, but unfortunately not free but to a cost of 36000 SEK (about 4000 USD).

Depending on your nationality and your government’s approach to
education you might be eligible for student loans or grants.

Johan Ståhl and Tom Stone are the main facilitators.

The main topics are misdirection and dramatic structures. It will draw
heavily on the participants’ own experiences. The study model is very hands-on with focus on research and practical experiments. The course is given in English.

You’ll get 4.5 university credits and university diploma from the
Stockholm University of the Arts – something that might open doors that
previously have been closed to you.

To apply you need at least 5 years of practical experience and submit a
work sample, 5-10 minutes performance on video (if possible; single
camera, unedited). Last date of application: April 15.

The pace will be intense, and it will be exhausting, and it will be
insanely fun!

For those in the conjuring field, please share this information so that
all magicians are aware of this opportunity. Don’t hesitate to ask

Official information and application forms are found here:

I det senaste numret av The Magic Circular (March 2015) finns en notis om “A magical University”, som berättar att 16 trollkarlar i höstas avklarade universitetskursen i trolleri i Stockholm. Unikt och bra reklam för svenskt trolleri!

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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