Taikapäivät / Kouvola Magic Days 29.-31.7.2016


Taikapäivät / Kouvola Magic Days 29.-31.7.2016 With Money Prizes invites for the Open Finnish Championship Out Door Stage Competition also to our Swedish, Danish, Norwegian performers to take part in.

You can be a pro, semi-pro or amateur magician, juggler, ventriloquist”¦or someone else. The main part is the most entertaining act. The maximum lenght of the act is 15 minutes.

The First prize is 2000 euros, The Second 1000 euros and The Third 500 euros.

Kouvola Magic Days Magic Convention has an Amazing World Class line-up: FISM 2015 Grand Prix Winner Héctor Mancha, Michael Weber, Gregory Wilson, Rob Zabrecky, Joshua Jay, Pit Hartling, Fat Brothers, Card-Shark Christian Schenk.

Close-up Show, Gala Show, 8 Lecturers, 3 Workshops, Competitions, One Man Show, Three Men Show, Magic Night, Open Air Stage Show, Dealer Room.

More info: www.taikapaivat.fi  info@markkupurho.fi

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