XIV Magic Congress in Saint-Vinvent

Tom Stone medverkar flitigt i denna kongress:


Close Up Gala | Stage Gala | Lecture | Workshop 

Tom Stone is best known for writing a series of articles and pamphlets about original magical techniques and plots. He co­wrote a book with magician Lennart Green, contributed material to a book by Jason Alford, and has self­published a series of pamphlets as well as an e- book. He is also editor and publisher of various Swedish magic journals such as “Trollkarlen”, and “Dr. Faustus Journal” (1995). He has performed at the invitation­only Magic Castle, and in 2000, he was a “performer and speaker” at the FISM “World Championships of Magic” in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2003, he was a performer and competitor at the International Magic Convention & 20th Close Up competition in Kings Cross, London, where he won £500 and was awarded second place, just behind Japanese­Canadian magician Hayashi. In June 2010, Stone released a book entitled “Vortex”, collecting many of the effects he has published in periodicals, his own ebooks and some previously unreleased material with Hermetic Press.

Det går bra för Tom Stone nu! Bra reklam för svenskt trolleri! 

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

Grundare av Sveriges Magiarkiv

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