Finnish Magic Circle Awards 29.1.2017

Finnish Magic Circle Suomen Taikapiiri gave yesterday at their annual year meeting the Magician of the Year Award 2016 to Marko Karvo. It is the sixth time Karvo has got that award. At the moment Marko Karvo performs at Tigerpalast varieté in Frankfurt ( ).
Foto Arto Airaksinen
Younger generation magician and illusionist Henri Kemppainen got The Emeritus Reijo Salminen Trofé
and Timo Kulmakko was awarded by the Timo Tuomivaara- award.
Pete Poskiparta voted to as a new president of the Suomen Taikapiiri 2017, as the former president of Taikapiiri Timo Kulmakko already a year ago said that he want to retire of that duty, he has been altogether in last twenty years the total of ten years as the president of the Suomen Taikapiiri.
Taikapiiri is 72 years old and still going strong! They look forward to next Kouvolan Taikapäivät 2017 in 15. – 17th April is again a great convention in Kouvola and Taikapiiri members are helping to make the event one more time a very successful one. At the moment the Taikapäivät organizer Markku Purho has already booked Daryl (USA), Howard Hamburg (USA), John Carney (USA), Mago Miguel (Spain)”¦ and couple more World Class artists/lecturers are still coming. More info:
Finnish Magic Circle website:
Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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