Skandinaviska insatser vid FISM 2022 Québec

FISM 2022

Sammanlagt fyra skandinaver tävlar den här veckan vid Världsmästerskapen FISM 2022, i Québec, Kanada.

Onsdag 27 Juli tävlar Mortenn Christiansen (Danmark)
Torsdag 28 Juli: Jacob Schenström (Sverige)
Fredag 29 Juli: Martin Hansson (Sverige)
Lördag 30 Juli: Hanno Juntunen (Finland)

Mortenn Christensen

Mortenn Christiansen

Reaktionerna på Mortenns bidrag var storslagna med stående ovationer på slutet.

Genii-forumet skrevs det:

“Morten Christiansen – Comedy … the standout act. Pure gold. Rick-Merill-esque of a forgetful performer – bordering on the autism spectrum – who has note cards to remind him of what to do. Socks and watches vanish throughout. Comedy magic that is actually magical ( who would have thought ) Prize winner right here. Bravo.”
-Craig Mitchell

“Morton Christiansen’s act about being forgetful was genuinely entertaining, engaging, human (was the the only real human I saw on stage that morning?) and magical in ways that were fulfilling in surprising ways. And many of the types of magical moments he created were of exactly the type of thing magicians eat up.”
-Brad Henderson

“MORTENN CHRISTIANSEN (comedy magic/Denmark) was a dark horse in that he was so convincing with his awkward, perhaps even autistic, performing character that I initially feared he was in over his head. I had nothing to worry about. He performed lots of solid, in-character, situational-specific magic that had the audience gasping, shouting and cheering several times. After excusing himself repeatedly throughout the act by letting us know that “sometimes I forget what I’m doing” and retrieving reminder cards from his polo shirt chest pocket, mysterious things happened to his hat, sock, wristwatch, shoelaces, and even the shirt pocket itself, all while attempting to perform a card trick. (There was a neat throw away effect when, after shuffling the cards for a few seconds, we saw the cards were now suddenly boxed.) This is a good comedy act with some strong magic punches, and if Christiansen gets some acting training it will be even better. My score: 8.0”
-Donal Chayce

Jacob Schenström

Jacob Schenström

“JACOB SCHENSTRÖM (micro magic/Sweden) performed what I would call a “new age” cups and balls routine. Like Lihao, who kicked off today’s close-up competition, Schenström started out with one (silver) cup and one red ball. He then transformed … something (my notes are again sketchy) … into a small glass cup, and he set both on a thin table that looked a bit like a slightly oversized TV tray, and the glass cup moved mysteriously on its own across the table. Using a simple wood stick as a magic wand, Schenström produced a white ball that was a bit larger than the red ball, and then performed a different type of wand spin: he spun the wand on the tip of his index finger. Next came a gasp inducing series of ball vanishes and transpositions, including some jaw dropping appearances under the glass cup. There was also a slow-motion levitation of the red ball, the production of a solid glass sphere, and the production of an 8 ball under the silver cup and water in the glass cup. As a climax, Schenström vanished the glass sphere, vanished the water in the glass cup by pouring it into the silver cup, and caused the 8 ball to disintegrate into a handful of water. Utilizing well-timed music, Schtenström performed this beautiful and beyond astonishing act silently to maximum effect. My score: 9.5”
-Donal Chayce

Genii-forumet var kommentarerna lite mer återhållsamma:
“Jacob Schenstrom – Micro
Direct and clean two cup routine. Red and while ball switching places. FISM trend – ball suspended mid-flight. Throwing the ball in your jacket does not constitute a vanish.”
-Craig Mitchell

Martin Hansson

Martin Hansson

Det verkar som att alla som rapporterade från FISM var utmattade efter 4 dagars intensiva tävlingar och referat, för det går inte att finna några referat och bilder från Martin Hanssons och Hanno Juntunens tävlingsinsatser. Om du själv var på plats vid FISM, fyll gärna på i kommentarsfältet!

Olyckligtvis finns det inte resurser att översätta kommentarerna till Svenska här, men Googles maskinöversättare gör ett bra jobb om en översättning önskas.

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