Carl-Einar Häckner: Big in Sweden

“Delightfully shambolic comedy, magic, music and illusion. A mega-star in the land of the midnight sun, Carl-Einar Häckner is living proof that Swedes can offer more to showbiz than bell-bottomed jumpsuits and 70s pop anthems. Apparently clueless, yet full of brilliantly executed routines, this masterful fool – a star of La Clique at the Roundhouse last year – has wowed audiences worldwide with his unique brand of comedy, magic, music and illusion. “This blonde-locked buffoon is a brilliantly silly Ikea Tommy Cooper, pulling endless magic shop tricks out of his tatty bag.” Evening Standard. 2nd – 22nd December at 8pm (no shows Sundays). Tickets: £12.50, £10 concessions and groups 8+ (groups by phone/in person only). Venue: Roundhouse Studio Theatre, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH”

Tips-tack till Conny Ray

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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