Jahn Gallo har sett några regler i I.B.M. /S.A.M. 2014 Magic Championships contest rules, vilka han säger sig ha längtat efter hela livet:  

Only confetti & glitter may be used during a performance, provided the
performer uses a drop cloth to cover the area over which everything will

Flash paper, flash string and candles will be permitted. Pyrotechnics of
any other sort are strictly forbidden.

If you plan to drop anything on the floor (e.g. cards, confetti,
glitter) you may do so ONLY if you supply your own drop cloth. (This is
a cloth that covers the floor area on which material would drop.) If you
do not bring a drop cloth and plan to drop anything on the floor, you
will not compete, or be disqualified if you do. No exceptions.

A contestant who presents an act that is obviously a copy of another
act, or a significant or typical part of another performer will be

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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