Taikapiiris 70-årsfest

The Finnish Magic Circle Taikapiiri had the 70th Anniversary event on Sunday 11th Jan 2015 at the Karhusaari Art Center in between Helsinki and Espoo cities.

The Super Sunday included wonderful minilectures of Finn Jon, Lennart Green and very very interesting Cardini lecture by Toreno.
The Jubileum Show was smoothly MC´d by Markku Purho and was run in three parts. The fabulous performers were Risto Pajunen aka Sir Richard, Jorma Finn Aspen Airaksinen, Kristine Hjulstadt´s Theatrical Magic, close-up magic by Tatu Tyni and the Master Lennart Green. The Show was closed by absolutely fantastic act of John Houdi, who killed the audience with his sharp comedy combined with Amazing sleight of hand routines. Houdi gave the perfect demonstration how the Talented and Real Top Pro entertains the audience.
After the Show John Houdi even gave the Svensk Magisk Cirkel´s present, the hand drawn ”diploma” designed by Stfn (Stefan Eriksson) to Taikapiiri.
Huge Thank You Swedish Magic Circle!
Suomen Taikapiiri / Timo Kulmakko
Photo credit : Kalle Nio
Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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