John och Tammy Calvert

Ulf Mörling skriver:

Detta är hämtat ur Akan Watson’s senaste New Zeeland issue. Kan kanske vara värt att publicera, eftersom det kommer att få historisk betydelse den dag John går bort. Vilket program han har, trots att jag vet att han börjar bli lite trött. Boken låter spännande, eftersom han som hundraåring fortfarande är i livet. Jag tror mig veta i stort sett vad den kommer att innehålla efter många timmars samtal om hans livsstil och värderingar.

Eddie Lester är Calvert’s agent.

The John And Tammy Calvert Report
Message by Eddy Lester

John and Tammy Calvert are difficult to keep up with. In July
John headlined The South Carolina Assoc. of Magicians convention.
August found them at Abbotts Get Together, where John said,” the
hardest part was not the show, the hardest part was signing
autograph all day and all night”. The night before his birthday
at near midnight we went for a snack at the American Legion Hall.
Everyone sang happy birthday at midnight John was born August
5th, 1911.

He was up bright and early the next day to take care of business
and to do an interview. September they flew over to London for
the Paul Stone, 100 magicians at the 100 year old Paladium
Theater show. The curtain opened to find John and Tammy, with 20
beautiful dancers, the crowd went wild. The first week in October
they were featured at the Magic Castle. They stayed another week
in California to see John’s sister and brother, who are both in
their 90’s. They both came to the Castle when they did the show
and tribute to the Larsens, Thursday in the Palace theater to a
packed house. John received so many standing ovations, Tammy
couldn’t keep up with it.

Monday they gave them a very elegant dinner with all the Board of
Trustees. Irene, Milt and Arlene Larsen, the President Neil
Patrick Harris, Ed Alonzo, Mark and Nani Wilson, Greg and Ayako
Wilson, and a few others. Arlene had little bottles of champagne
wrapped very nice with John’s picture on it and a big one as well
for John. Tuesday they had dinner with the many magicians.
Wednesday was the interview with Max Maven and Thursday was the
tribute to the Larsens and show. I was told John did a perfect
show. He did Cigarettes, the Lazy Magician and The Dancing
Handkerchief. Greg asked John if he could do his Billiard Balls
on the show. He was great!.

Friday they took it easy. Every Friday they serve lunch and Milt
writes a report on the back of the menu on what’s going on at the
Castle. He mentioned John’s sister and brother as well.

Greg Wilson informed me that his mother Nani Wilson was one of
John’s dancing assistants many years ago. Saturday Greg took then
to their warehouse. The Calverts had a grand tour of the Wilson’s
warehouse. It’s huge! All the illusions were in cases or boxes
stacked to the ceiling.

Sunday was another full house and standing ovations. There was a
video clip on the screen that Greg put together, then he asked
John questions about some of his adventures. John also talked on
How To Live To Be A Hundred, (Which by the way is the title of
John’s new book) and ended with a question and answers session.
John with Tammy will headline the Daytona Beach Florida
Magicians’ convention, the first weekend in November. John will
be doing a lecture and closing the Saturday night headliner show.
John asked me what do I have for him next, a trip to New Zealand
or another National tour here in the States? He told me he is
going to the gym 3 times a week!

Best always, Eddy Lester

Observera att John Calvert fyllde 100 år i augusti 2011!

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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