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Hank Lee Responds – “I Will Face The Consequences”

Greetings from all of us at Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Another
fine week here in New England.

I suspect that by now you have read the reports of the government’s
charges against me. I have agreed to plead guilty to these
charges. Although the charges allege misuse of a customer’s
credit card, I am writing to assure you that Hank Lee’s Magic
Factory has since adopted procedures to insure the safety and
privacy of our customers’ information.
I was wrong in every way, and now I will face the consequences. I
could not possibly be more sorry for my behavior.

My actions have deeply impacted my family. And, I know that they
have impacted you, our customers and friends. While we have tried
to build a base of trust over the last 37 years, it has been
seriously damaged, and must now be rebuilt.

If there is a brighter side, Hank Lee’s Magic Factory is not just
about me. It is about our long time employees who are here every
day and could not be more honest, forthright and knowledgeable.
These people can be trusted, 100%. They have been with Hank Lee’s
for more than 20 years each and have impeccable records, both in
life and in the workplace.
In the past day, I have received many emails and notes. Most are
from people hoping that the present situation resolves itself
quickly and wishing me the best in this difficult time. Some are
from people who do not exactly wish me well. This is to be
expected. I appreciate all correspondence.

This is what I can tell you right now. Hank Lee’s Magic Factory
is not in danger of closing. We will continue to accept your
orders, process them and ship them as always. I hope that you
will continue to place orders with the Magic Factory, and allow
me to rebuild your trust in us.

Ur Magic New Zealand

Tyvärr har flera svenska trollkarlar haft trubbel med sina order hos Hank Lee Magic Factory.

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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