Tom Stone och Essential Magic Conference

Essential Magic Conference ( ) har idag annonserat ytterligare tre talare inför sommarens internet-konferens. Bland dem presenteras Tom Stone med orden:

-“Sweden’s Tom Stone is highly regarded for his creative insight into the art of magic. His popular articles in Genii magazine brought Tom’s thinking to a wider audience. His best-selling books, Vortex and Maelstrom, have cemented Tom’s reputation as one of contemporary magic’s most innovative thinkers. Be at EMC2012 to meet a true original in the world of magic.”

Tom är även bokad att framträda och föreläsa vid tidningen Genii’s 75-årsjubileum som firas med en kongress i Orlando, Florida i Oktober.

Under de senaste dagarna har det även kommit tre nya positiva recensioner av Tom Stones senaste bok “Maelstrom”.

Tidningen Magic Magazine skriver i sitt Maj-nummer:
“This book depicts a wild spin of magical creativity onstage and off, without caring if the reader is along for the ride or not…
That said, the care and detail with which he wrote and illustrated his thoughts makes for an enjoyable and informative read for anyone with an interest in the construction of magical routines.
Stone’s effects comprise a combination of boldness and simplicity, and each is refined to only the necessary movements and moments so as to produce the strongest effect…”

Will Houstoun skriver i Maj-numret av Magic Circular:
“Many magic books seem to be the equivalent of a friend who tells you that everything you do is wonderful.
Maelstrom is more like a friend who tells you when an idea is bad, when you flash a move or when a joke just isn’t funny. It might not quite as easy to listen to, but if you do listen, you will become a better magician because of it.”

Och Maj-numret av M-U-M säger bl.a:
“There are close-up tricks, stand-up routines, demonstrations of mentalism, and enough off-beat ideas to keep the reader coming back to this book time and time again for inspiration and insight.”

Christer Nilsson

Författare: Christer Nilsson

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